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"Dr. Jen is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her field. Dr. Jen and TLC Chiropractic is a wonderful resource for our community!"  KS

Hormones, Fertility, and Health

As women, we must balance many things in our life. Hormones are just another balancing act for us. Dr Jen breaks down the facts and makes it easy to figure out how to feel your best. By allowing your body to feel your best, you are able to be your best. See our monthly workshops to create a more balanced life!

A healthy couple can conceive faster, easier and have better outcomes! Because Dr Jen looks at the situation differently, she asks different questions, has a different skill set that has proven time and time again to not only restore health (which is the primary goal), but also to create and maintain a thriving pregnancy (outcome of the health that is built). We work closely with local reproductive endocrinologists in the area as well as other healthcare professionals.